Donna Lou Pets is the idea of Donna Bellamy, a dog adoption advocate who is passionate about reaching out to those who are new to animal care or who are considering bringing a new pet into their home. She is focused on bringing awareness to the huge responsibility that is caring for a dog, and helping people understand if they are ready for it.

Donna did not grow up with animals, but through a series of fortunate events beginning in the early 2000s, went from having zero animals, to becoming a “crazy dog mom” of four loving pups.

As part of this process, she also immersed herself in animal organizations and causes in her community. This includes volunteer stints with organizations including

  • The SPCA of Texas. She served as an adoption counselor, spending weekends helping families find the right pup.
  • Dallas Animal Services. As a Facebook page administrator, she answered pet-related questions from the public, helped promote events including Empty the Shelter Day, and wrote posts promoting adoptable animals.
  • Mile High Labrador Retriever Rescue. Donna is an active foster, caring for dogs taken from overcrowded shelters until they are ready for adoption.

Donna continues to visit and learn at animal conferences and sanctuaries like Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, known best for their work rehabilitating the Michael Vick Pit Bulls, and Wildlife SOS in India, known for rescuing and rehabilitating elephants and sloth bears. An upcoming visit includes observing elephants at a sanctuary in Thailand.

Donna has had four pups of her own, all of whom have graciously welcomed the myriad of foster dogs.